Freedom Cleaners Ltd


Q. What method of cleaning do you use?
A. Freedom's Experts do not use out of date steam cleaners or surface powder cleaners, we use next generation water injection and extraction deep cleaning machines from the United States.

Q. How long is it until we can use the carpets and upholstery?
A. You can walk on the carpets straight away and use the upholstery the following day.

Q. What about moving all the furniture?
A. The cleaning operators move your furniture around the room as they clean. (More information: Our Policy.)

Q. What do I have to do in preporation?
A. We only ask you to have your hot water on for the day and to move your delicate ornaments to a safe place just in case.

Q. What chemicals are used?
A. We only use professional products designed for home use. Infomation and data sheets available upon request.

Q. How do I know a professional job will be done?
A. To remain at the leading edge of our field, we work with professional trainers from the American-based manufacturers of our next-generation machines and solutions.

Please feel free to put any questions not fully covered on this site to the Freedom Team.